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Auto Body Services for all Budgets!

Whatever service you might need, wheather it might be a mobile service, a lease return or a paintless dent removal we can help. We can cut the cost by using reconditioning methods and aftermarket parts. Using this method will save you money from regular body shop techniques.


When returning your lease vehicle to the dealership or lease company they can charge you for wear and tear and damages such as dings and dents or scrapes and scratches that can be extremly expensive costing you thousands of dollars. Bring your vehicle to Bumpers Express for a free inspection and estimate. We can repair any damages incured throughout your lease using auto reconditioning methods that can save you not only time, but money.


You can be assured that you'll be receiving the highest quality at its bets with all I-CAR Certified trained technicians.

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We offer same day service and can save you half the cost that a regular body shop might charge you.

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We can fix curb Scuffs, corrosion repairs, re-paint and color changes, brake dust mark, factory color matching all at a fraction of the cost of a new ... Learn more ....  

If your vehicle’s interior surfaces are faded, cracked, ripped, stained, or otherwise damaged, you will be amazed at the results of our innovative repair processes. More..


PDR is a technique that is used to remove dings and dents utilizing special tools. This is an excellent technique used to maintain your vehicle's original paint costing you a fraction from body shop repairs and saving you time and money.  Learn more ....

A full detail will clean and condition your interior, plus polish and shine up the exterior to get your car, truck or SUV back in showroom condition. Your paint undergoes a complete stripping of contaminants by ....

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Although cracks and damaged areas less than the size of a quarter can be treated quickly, it is best to repair the damage as soon as possible. Once your glass is damaged, contaminants begin to enter the chip, causing the repair process to become more difficult, or even impossible.  Learn more ..

When returning your lease vehicle to the dealership or lease company they can charge you for wear and tear and damages such as dings and dents or scrapes and scratches that can be extremely expensive costing you thousands of dollars.

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Headlights can become scratched, foggy, discolored and hazy from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental damage. This natural deterioration compromises your vehicle’s appearance as well as your night vision, creating a dangerous situation when driving at night.

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Our Technicians are highly skilled and have many years of experience which gives them their ability to complete most repairs in just a couple of hours.

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“You guys are awesome.... you work fast and it’s a price that’s affordable. Thank you Bumpers Express, you guys are the best”  
- Joseph Garcia
“I was surprised on how fast you got my dents out. Your staff did a great job now my car once again looks new. "
- William Scott
" Thank you for everything, my car looks great, I can drive happy not worried about looking like a road warrior. Thank you very much."

- Jose Palacios
"I am college student so money is tight. Bumpers Express took their time to help me and make my budget work. They took great care of my car."

-Julie Anna Basuino
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