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How we became a school

In April 2020, Mrs. Omenesa Oruma Akomolafe was burdened to found a fasting and prayer study, for those who yearned to seek God's face. Within one month, over 30 members joined. OMENESA observed that her technique and approach in catering more to emotional needs had proven successful, and the fasting and prayer aspect had changed so many lives leaving lasting testimonies. In order not to stifle her target (Those who seek emotional healing), she split the prayer team and strengthened the emotional wing. As EHU grew in hundreds, strategies were placed to manage content, students, time duration of classes, and the number of students per class.

By June of 2020, we had graduated over 200 students, who many have stayed to join other classes, and some have become faculty members. Mrs. Akomolafe, along with her Director, Favor Okeke, together have ran an astute team of facilitators and students, who all congruently and passionately seek to cater healing to the masses.

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We are an organization for women and men who seek emotional healing.

By Omenesa Oruma Akomolafe(Aka: Lady O) as a 501 C3 Organization, which started in Louisville, Kentucky USA in 2011. The Headquarters is now in New York, USA, registered under Tranquil Ministries International. Abuja, Nigeria serves to be West Africa's Headquarters, London, UK for Europe.

  • Mission: A Haven for Women and Men who seek Emotional Healing, Liberating them to be the best they can be for God, to themselves, and to the society at large.

  • Vision: Calling out for 'wholeness'. 

  • Motto: We deal with the ROOT of the issue. 

  • Foundational Scripture: John 6: 12: When they were filled, he said unto his disciples; Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.

Pencils Corner.jpeg

Welcome To Mentor H2 & PBC
Men & Women
(Pencil's Corner Book Club)

Aka: The Cabinets

Aka: The Eagles

Hi Eagle,

Welcome to the Cabinet!!!

This is an opportunity to get your goals accomplished while you enhance your knowledge at the same time. You made a good choice.




* Access to me 247/365: Video Call or Tel. If I don't answer, I'll definitely call back. Counseling and Prayer 
* A book a month
* A prayer partner that changes weekly
* Assist you in actualizing at least one of your dreams. For example, We will make sure you register your company/ministry and you'll start to operate in full capacity. 
* A zoom meeting once a month
* One-on-one Meeting: We will eventually meet one-on-one in a country city planned during the year. A vacation for only the mentees (Payment is separate) 
* Daily Devotionals 
*Certificate after the program 
* Requirements: You are REQUIRED to place at least one phone call to Lady Omenesa weekly. Failure to do so after 3 times will result to removal without refund. Please remember to notify the secretary after your required call is made and after you have placed your payment. 

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The Ring Life Classes

  • So many people need an answer. 

  • So many people need direction.

  • So many people are hurting. 

You are fighter in THE RING of life. I know you will win. This podcast is me, a woman who has been tried and tested in various aspects of life. Love. Marriage. Infertility. Rape. Abuse. Spirituality. Bereavement. Grief. Homelessness. Fame. Fortune. Accomplishments. Brokenness. Wholeness and many more. It is my desire that you get healed emotionally, so you can accomplish all that life has for you. I am hoping that my podcast will give you a reason to continue to stand tall in your pursuits in life, as I hold your hand virtually. You can't do this on your own. I am here. Thanks for listening #O


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