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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Omenesa Oruma Akomolafe
(Aka: Lady O)


OMENESA means "My Own is Unique", "My Own is Different" in the Delta dialect of Ugheli Nigeria. Omenesa was named by her father, while her mother named her CHINWE (God's own) in the Igbo dialect of Mbano Nigeria. OMENESA has definitely lived a unique and different life.
A Preacher, Ordained Pastor, Ordained Prison Chaplain, Music Minister, Passionate Writer, A Certified Life Coach, A Certified Confidence Coach, an Emotional Healing Practitioner, Emotional Nudist and a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is the Host of TV Shows ("Emotions", and "The Ring"). Her radio show "The Ring" broadcasts online and on local stations. Her podcast, "The Ring", is a self-help platform for those who seek emotional healing. She is also a Nollywood Actress, charting her way into the global scene of Hollywood as she is a student of Tasha Smith's Acting School (TSAW), headquartered in California, USA. 




Fighting to WIN against emotional distress, depression & suicidal thoughts, self-awareness, low self-esteem, rejection, failures, loneliness, and more

Preacher and Pastor

The Full Story

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* Her story started in Toledo Ohio USA, then on to Zaria Nigeria, Kaduna Nigeria, Cleveland Ohio, Waxahachie Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Lagos Nigeria, Louisville Kentucky, Abuja Nigeria, New York, Waldorf Maryland, and New York again. Literally in this order. What a journey of many life experiences......which have encrafted and molded this hand maiden.
* Her passion is to be used by God to heal those who are Emotionally Broken: Goal Setting, Anger Management, Spousal Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Depression, Childhood Blocks, etc. Omenesa preaches and teaches worldwide on how to be EMOTIONALLY SOUND, because she believes that demons cannot be cast out, they can only be healed. Being a catalyst of many life trails, she is a perfect conduit for an emotional transformation in the lives of her audience. She holds Life Classes Workshops (The Ring) in various countries. Her itinerant ministry (Tranquil Ministries International) hosts conventions themed 'SWEEP'. With a concentration in anointed music, the word and impartation, Omenesa and her team's aim is to heal what's wounded in the pews. She also throws a regular music concert themed "The Oil". She is the Founder of NWIA (Nigerian Women in America), an avenue to empower diaspora women. She hosts online conferences for Men and Women, themed "Restore".
* OMENESA is a Survivor of a Spinal Disease (Scoliosis), miscarriage, Depression, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Abuse. In November 2017, Omenesa nursed her mother for 6 weeks, before the Rev Mrs. (former Librarian), went to be with the Lord. 2018 became a year to process Omenesa's healing, as she withdrew from many activities and focused on her nursing career and seldom got involved in ministry. She found her healing through her writing and consistent visits to a grief therapist.  2019 themes her "COME BACK".
* She coaches Church Choirs and writes for reputable Pastors, and indigenous businessmen & women. That's how she started her Publishing Company (Pencil's Corner).

* Her life started being raised as a Bishop's Daughter (Bishop Ben & Rev. (Mrs. Joy Oruma). She has served in their ministry for 3 decades, and has planted branch parishes with them. She was the head of the Evangelism Team of the ministry in the early 2000s. Before then, she traveled with the Bishop on ministry tours. She opened up for him in music before he preached. This exposed her to Dr. Tunji Braithwaite, Rev. Idahosa Odiri, Dr. John Akpami, Professor Jerry Ghana, and she started to open up for many other Evangelists along the way. Her itinerary ministry was birth through this medium.
* While caught up with chronic suicidal thoughts and attempts in her teenage years, and got involved in harming vices at age 21, she allowed process groom her into who she is today. She is the Founder of Pearls International (A thriving monthly support group for women who seek emotional healing). She is the Founder and Proprietress of Pearls Rock College (A Mentoring Institute for women who wish to discover their purpose). She is the President of Tranquil Ministries International and the CEO of O.M. (Omenesa's Mansion: A Conglomerate of Departments, catering to service the human mind, soul, and body. She is very particular of not being type-casted and stereotyped as a women's minister. Her ministry and gifts for the masses. Men, Women, Boy, Girl. Omenesa was once a Teacher (Elementary to High School). She credits her teaching days to delivering her from stammering and stage fright.

* She has a Diploma in Child Psychology, Credits in Church Revitalization, Bachelors in Church Ministries, and Certification as a Home Health Aide. She is a passionate Nursing Assistant and loves to serve in 'Hospice Care'. She is also a Certified Confidence Coach. She is currently working on an Advanced Diploma in Thanatology, and undergoing a combo course as a Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. in Metaphysics. She attends monthly trainings and classes in Self Control, Time Management, Thought Patterns, Happiness, etc. For a period, she attended the Judy Jacobs Internationally Institute of Mentoring in Cleveland TN, where she was directly mentored by Pastor Jamie and Judy Jacobs Tuttle. She never ceases to appreciate them for helping her discover her unique identity in the pulpit and music ministry. She says, "My Confidence shone when God linked me to Judy Jacobs."
* She auditioned for American Idol 7 times, Sunday Best 5 Times, and was a Semi Finalist on Gospel Dream. She had the opportunity of passing the Apollo audition and she got to sing at the prestigious Apollo Theater as a runner up. She has also sang the Negro Spiritual “Ride the Chariot" at the Severance Hall of Cleveland Ohio. She has 3 Music Albums under her belt, as well as Music Videos. She is currently working on her 4th album (Nothing Happens in the grave), inspired by the death of her mother who passed away from Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
* She has ministered for the likes of Pastor E Adegboye, Bobby Jones Gospel, President Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Mike Murdock, Uma Ukpai, Pastor Bill Winston, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Rev Andrew Adeleke, Dr. Abel Damina, just to name a few.
* She has worked in the line of Retail for over 11 years. From being a Choir Director at an RCCG branch in Texas USA, to becoming a Retail Supervisor in Maryland USA, to finally settling into her passion for Hospice and Geriatric Nursing. OMENESA has come a long way.
*She participates in campaigns for Fertility Hopefuls, and Prison Inmates. She volunteers as a Hospice Companion at an organization in New York, and she is a member of a choir that shuttle from hospital to hospital to sing for both terminal and recovering patients.
* She is the daughter and only Child of Bishop Ben and Joy Oruma, who God used mightily in Northern Nigeria( Especially Zaria and Kaduna), in the Late 80's and 2000's.
* She is married to Omoniyi Joseph Akomolafe (Aka:
  Elgibbor), a Pastor, Cinematographer, Worship
  Minister, and Entrepreneur. He is her lead producer and director.
* Omenesa is mentored by Rev Sam Oye of The Transforming Church (A Preacher, Author and Certified Marriage Counselor). She is also mentored by Honorable Mrs. Shimite Bello of African Pot,  Quintessential Business Women of Nigeria and The Executive Secretary Delta State Micro(Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency: DSMSMEDA). Her Teenage Emotional Coach and now Life Coach (Denise Turner Headd (Co-CEO of Heritage Fair and Founder of thewaytotruelove) remains constant in her life. Omenesa revers her Pastors (Rev Joe & Rev. (Mrs.) Felicia Omeokwe of Vineyard International Christian Ministries, where she serves as PRO and Assistant Music Director.
OMENESA resides in New York City and shuttles London and Abuja for Ministry, Business and Movie Productions.

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Tranquil Ministries
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The Akomolafe Family

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Pastors Niyi and Omenesa Akomolafe

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