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Rice Farm Management

SWEERGLOBAL FARMS use modern farming technology, while maintaining traditional rice growing techniques to ensure quality and taste is not compromised. Technology enables us to utilize our maximum resources for effective and efficient management of our farms. This technology is highly recommended and made available through our training programs. 
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Most governments in rice producing countries have embarked on emergency programs to contain the devastating effects of climate change in the rice farm industry by creating awareness and helping rice growers prepare against the unknown. The most commonly known unpredictability conditions that affect rice growing, such as rainfall distribution, temperature levels and increasing types and occurrences of pests and diseases will intensify in the years ahead due to climate change. Many rice growers do not possess or lack the necessary farm management skills and knowledge for the efficient of their farmlands and could easily be impacted by a transformed climate. We are offering farm management to assist rice farmers.


Management Staff 

Cutting-Edge Rice Farming

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