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SWEERGLOBAL Rice growers traditionally grow rice for household consumption  using seeds and seedlings from the previous crop, which are mostly resistant to pests and disease. We encourage local rice growers to continue this method of rice faming, and we reward growers for preserving organic farming.


Meal Plan

It feels good to eat well (and healthy)
Food make our bodies and as such what we allow into our bodies constitutes the health of our bodies. As healthy food controls the state our bodies, so also is unhealthy food, and they both are not constrained by age, defiance, or how good you resist them with exercises. You just have to watch what you eat. A balanced menu plan is necessary to maintain a lasting appetite.
Rice with Roasted Vegetables
SWEERGLOBAL Rice and Mixed Vegetables
Slices of steamed fresh carrot and mushrooms
Slices of freshly steamed bell peppers
Fresh basil, oregano, and steamed SWEERGLOBAL Rice
We highly recommend to use mainly organic vegetables to obtain the best flavor and taste of our all organic SWEERGLOBAL Rice and Mixed Vegetables hot meal. 
SWEERGLOBAL Jollof Rice and Chicken
Stewed fried chicken drums
SWEERGLOBAL rice cooked in tomatoes source
Spices and peppers
Stewed zucchini 
A serving of SWEERGLOBAL Rice will always bring life into your lunch, dinner, or party. Keep it warm.
Delitous Jamjam Rice 4.jpg
Delitous Jamjam Rice 5.jpg
Cook SWEERGLOBAL rice longer than normal time 
Make sure its well cooked and soggy 
Add sugar before or after cooking 
Add milk, stir, and sprinkle the pudding with cinnamon or chocolate chips
Invite someone to enjoy your delicious dessert. Tell them about SWEERGLOBAL rice pudding.
Snack: SWEERGLOBAL Rice Mooncakes
1cup of floor
5 cups of SWEERGLOBAL Rice
2 cups of sugar
1/2 cup of food color
Use the right amount of water to keep the rice dough solid. Place in shape, stuff it, and press. Release and lightly bake. Note: the SWEERGLOBAL rice must be fully cook or else you will be chewing on rocks.
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