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Collateral-Direct: Our Guarantors  Can Ease The Burden  

COLLATERAL-DIRECT to surmount the challenges on the part of the bank and the borrowers


Some small and medium enterprises have good banking records with businesses generating sufficient cash flow. They may need funding for business expansion but due to unavailability of an asset for collateral their banks are constrained from availing them the credit facilities (loans in most cases) due to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulation which stipulates that loans must be secured. Hence the bank can only disburse loan to a borrower on the availability of a collateral.

In order to surmount the challenges on the part of the bank and the borrowers we have opted to develop the Collateral Direct which involves an appropriate collaboration with financial institutions to be effectively used.

Collateral Direct is a product whereby Affordable Homes Cooperative Society (AHCS or the Cooperative) provides complete documentation for a property to a financial institution on behalf of a borrower/buyer who has not completed payment for the property, to enable the bank disburse an approved loan to the borrower.

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Our primary objective is to provide you with the support for you to own your house within a specified duration.


We create opportunities for members to own their own houses, lives good and fulfilled life and generate wealth by investing to reduce shortfall in affordable housing in the society.


We do this by leveraging on the competence, diligence, integrity and dedication of our members who create innovative and strategic profit-focused businesses that in-turn reward the investment of every stakeholder.

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