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What We Offer

All with Collateral-Direct

We service local, rural, and urban communities by helping members make their dreams a reality.

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Local communities

We provide start up capital for rural dwellers to help ease the difficulties of raising start up capital to grow their businesses. Affordable loans for handworkers in rural communities 

Small-Side Business Loans

We offer loans to professionals who want to start a business or expand an existing business. EAZY-Affordable loans with low interest rates so you don't get strapped with repayment difficulties.

Agriculture Loans

Our EAZY-Affordable loans are designed to promote and revamp the agriculture sector. Our flexible terms and great loan packages calculated on your returns helps keep you in business longer.

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Real Estate Marketers
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Affordable Housing

Your dream of owning your own home has never been this real. Our Loan Officers can help you make a choice from the scope of your budget. Read our loan requirement policy and apply.

Business Loans

We offer fixed-rate loans and adjustable rate loans with lower rates and fixed payments for a longer period of time than most adjustable rate loans 


Our loan officers can help you chose the right loan for your home or office remodeling or renovation. Talk to a loan officer now or make an an appointment.

Create your dream home.
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